Are you in a healthy relationship? Ask yourself some quick questions.

Does your partner:

  • Make decisions for you all the time?
  • Control what you wear and do?
  • Tell you who not to talk to or meet?
  • Make you feel inferior?
  • Insult you?
  • Make you think you’re stupid or crazy?
  • Treat you like an object?
  • Expect you to conform to stereotypes?
  • Ask you for explanations but not offer any?
  • Threaten to get violent with you?
  • Emotionally blackmail you with sulks and threats?

If any or a combination of this is happening fairly regularly, you need to sort out your relationship External Website that opens in a new windowfast. The longer it goes on, the worse it gets.

Source: The Yellow Book – A parent’s guide to sexuality education (TARSHI)