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Counselling Professionals

Counsellor Arpan (child sexual abuse)
Contact Number:
Email Address:

Deepak Kashyap
Counselling psychologist, specialising in pre-marital, marital, divorce counselling, LGBTQ counselling, and sex therapy
Contact Number: 9769331585
Email Address: deepak[dot]j[dot]kashyap(at)gmail[dot]com

Geeta Rao
Counsellor, Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Impaired
Contact Number:
Email Address:

Jyotti Savla
Clinical psychologist and counsellor
Contact Number: 9820086624
Email Address:jyottisavla(at)gmail[dot]com

Nayreen Daruwalla
Counsellor and Programmes Director, SNEHA
9167535765/ 9820380897
Email Address: nayreen(at)snehamumbai[dot]org

Neha Trivedi
Project Consultant, Xaviers Resource Center For the Visually Challenged
Contact Number: 022 22360298
Email Address: neha(at)xrcvc[dot]org




ADAPT (Abled Disabled All People Together) – formerly Spastics Society of India
Working to create an inclusive, disability friendly nation
Contact Number: +91-022-2644 3666, 2644 3688
Email Address: contact(at)adaptssi[dot]org

Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Impaired
Information and documentation, counselling, community programs, research and development
Contact Number: 022-26400215/26409176/26400263
Email Address: ayjnihhmum(at)gmail[dot]com

Arpan: towards freedom from child sexual abuse
Prevention and healing of child sexual abuse[dot]
Contact Number: 26862444 / 26868444
Email Address: info(at)arpan[dot]org[dot]in

Humsafar Trust
Working with the MSM and transgender community through community work, counselling, outreach, advocacy, capacity building, and care
Contact Number: +91 22 26673800 / 26650547
Email Address: humsafar(at)vsnl[dot]com

LABIA (Lesbians and Bisexuals in Action): a queer feminist collective
Support, research, workshops and campaigns for and by lesbians, bisexuals and transpersons[dot]
Email Address: labia[dot]collective(at)gmail[dot]com

National Institute for the Blind
Helping the blind help themselves, through education, advocacy, vocational training, research, training, and women’s welfare
Contact Number: 022 2492 5013 / 2493 2820 / 2493 5365
Email Address: nabin(at)vsnl[dot]com

Nina Foundation
Innovative rehabilitation services for people with spinal cord injury
Contact Number: +91-22-2409 4319, +91-22-2407 1952
Email Address: ninafoundation(at)gmail[dot]com

Palash Foundation
Awareness programs, moral support, copings skills and reintegration programs for people with burn injury and disfiguration
Contact Number: 9920484955[dot]
Email Address: info(at)palashfoundation[dot]org

Punarvas Education Society
Educational, vocational and diagnostic services for the mentally handicapped
Contact Number: (91-22) 28727024, 28747857
Email Address: punarvas(at)hotmail[dot]com

SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action)
Prevention of Violence Against Women and Children Program, offering capacity building, counselling and awareness
Contact Number: (+91 22) 2404 2627 / 2408 6011
Crisis Helpline: +91 22) 2404 0045
Email Address: snehamumbai(at)snehamumbai[dot]org

Voice Vision
Promoting and providing computer training, social inclusion and dignity for people with visual impairments
Contact Number: +91 – 22 – 4040 0000
Email Address: use form on http://voicevision[dot]in/contact

XRCVC (Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged)
Access support and technology training, personal counselling and career guidance, financial support, teaching aids, and accessible educational material and sports[dot]
Contact Number: +91-22-22623298 / 22626329



Action for Autism
A national parent directed organisation working to create an environment where people on the autism spectrum can live as fully participating members of the community
Contact Number: 011 26416470
Email Address: autism(at)vsnl[dot]com

All India Confederation of the Blind
Introducing innovative programs aimed at the education, rehabilitation and training of people with visual impairments.
Contact Number: +91 11 270 540 82
Email Address: aicbdelhi(at)yahoo[dot]com

The Deaf Way Foundation
Training and education centres, gender empowerment, HIV/AIDS, courses, interpreting and placements
Contact Number: 011-41607261
Email Address: info(at)thedeafway[dot]org

Jagori (Awaken, Women)
A women’s training, communication and documentation centre working on violence against women, sexual harassment, training, research, and safety in public spaces
Contact Number: +91 11 2669 1219, +91 11 2669 1220
Helpline: + 91 11 2669 2700
Email Address: jagori(at)jagori[dot]org

RAHI (Recovering And Healing from Incest)
The prevention and intervention of child sexual abuse through student community information, capacity building,
support services, and research and communication
Contact Number: 001 26274041
Email Address: rahifoundation(at)gmail[dot]com

Sangini Helpline
A lesbian support project offering counselling, advice, and weekly meetings
Contact Number: (00 91 11) 6851970 or 71 (operates only on Tuesday evening)
Email Address: info(at)naz[dot]unv[dot]ernet[dot]in; sangini97(at)hotmail[dot]com

Addressing the emotional and mental health needs of people in crisis, through counselling, workshops, advocacy, and a helpline
Contact Number: +91-9582208181
Email Address: info(at)snehi[dot]org; snehi[dot]india(at)gmail[dot]com



Anjali: Mental Health and Human Rights Organisation Home
Providing rehabilitation and re-integration packages to institutionalised individuals
Contact Number: (033)22903711/2461 0449/2461 0241
Email Address: anjali_i(at)dataone[dot]in

Autism Society West Bengal
It is an organization that champions the rights of individuals with autism spectrum (ASD) to participation in areas of education, employment and social events.
Contact Number: +91 33 64571576/24730706
Email Address: autismsocietywb(at)gmail[dot]com

Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (Formerly Spastics society of Eastern India)
Seeking to change the lives of people with cerebral palsy through a range of policies and service provisions
Contact Number: +91 33 24013488
Email Address: info(at)iicpindia[dot]com

Lighthouse for the Blind
Educational and vocational training for the visually impaired
Contact Number: 033-24664227

National Association for the Blind
Helping the blind help themselves, through education, advocacy, vocational training, research, training, and women’s welfare
Contact Number: 09831042144
Email Address: nabin(at)vsnl[dot]com

National Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped
Providing training to professionals working with orthopedically handicapped, rehabilitation, restorative surgery, and vocational training to disabled individuals
Contact Number: +91 33 25313232/0279/0789
Email Address: director(at)nioh[dot]in

Rehabilitateing and reintegrating the mentally, by restoring their dignity, sense of belonging and human rights
Contact Number: + 91 33 64170302
Email Address: ppurnata(at)vsnl[dot]net

Sanhita Gender Resource Centre
Provides gender trainings, a referral service, and produces advocacy materials.
Contact Number: +91 33 466 2150 / 463 1430
Email Address: sanhita(at)cal[dot]vsnl[dot]net[dot]in

A support group for lesbian and bisexual women
Contact Number: +91 33 2441 9995/
HelpLine: 098315 18320
Email Address: sappho1999(at)rediffmail[dot]com; sappho1999(at)gmail[dot]com;

Sruti Disability Rights Centre
Contact Number: +91-33-24418080/ 09433174978
Email Address:sruti[dot]darc(at)gmail[dot]com

VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation
Conducting seminars on the emotional and social needs of the hearing impaired within individuals and their
Contact Number: : 91 33 22892705/06
HelpLine: 098315 18320
Email Address:vaani(at)vaani[dot]in



Ability Foundation
Mainstreaming disability-rights, counselling, advocacy, media and publishing, training and employment across disabilities
Contact number: 91 44 24452400 /91 44 24413013
Email address: information(at)abilityfoundation[dot]org

The Banyan
Providing care, shelter, treatment, family assistance and awareness for destitute women and the mentally ill.
Contact number: T: 044 – 42233600, 23720677
Email address: info(at)thebanyan[dot]org

Deaf Enabled Foundation
Educational and training programs, advocacy workshops, HIV awareness, women’s rights and sign language seminars
Contact Number: +91-8754499509
Email Address: deafenabledchennai(at)gmail[dot]com

Nethrodaya: a self-help organisation for the visually impaired
Providing accommodation, accommodation, communication mentoring, medical helpline, yoga, and career orientation training
Contact Number: +91-93828 96636
Email Address: nethrodaya(at)gmail[dot]com

The Positive Women’s Network
Working for the empowerment of HIV positive women through a range of projects, partnerships and strategies
Contact Number: +91-44-2817 2137, 2817 2126
Email Address: use from here http://www[dot]pwnplus[dot]org/contact

SCARF (Schizophrenia Research Foundation)
Treatment, rehabilitation, research, training, awareness and tackling stigma
Contact Number: 0044 26153971
Email Address: info(at)scarfindia[dot]org; scarf(at)vsnl[dot]com

South India Positive Network
Working for the welfare of HIV people through training, counselling, legal services, condom distribution, awareness, workshops and advocacy
Contact Number: 9444012617, 9940276046
Email Address: sip_noori(at)yahoo[dot]com; sipplus(at)gmail[dot]com;

Tulir: centre for the prevention and healing of child sexual abuse
Personal safety education, training, consultancy, healing, advocacy, documentation and resource development
Contact Number: 91+44+26192026, 2619077
Email Address: tulircphcsa(at)yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

Vidya Sagar (formerly Spastic Society of India)
Parent training, rehabilitation, intervention, legislation, special education for children and young adults with
neurological disabilities and cerebral palsy
Contact number: 044 22354784/85 044 22354980
Email address: response(at)vidyasagar[dot]co[dot]in



ADD India
Facilitating disabled people to come together to make decisions about their own lives and campaign for their rights
Contact number:+91 80 26765881
Email address: use form at http://www[dot]add[dot]org[dot]uk/email_form[dot]asp?name=india

ASHA (Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism)
Gives online and offline support to people with autistism
Contact number: +91 80 23225279/23230357
Email address: info(at)ashaforautism[dot]com

Association of People with Disability (APD)
Transforming the lives of children, youth and men and women with disabilities
Contact Number: +91 80 25475861/25475165/2548954
Email Address: ablehand(at)vsnl[dot]com

Deaf Aid Society
Provide education to the deaf and help them be an able part of the society.
Contact Number: 91-80-25262274
Email Address: info(at)deafaidsociety[dot]org

Dr. SR Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech & Hearing
Dedicated to providing services to people with communicative disabilities
Contact Number: +91 80 25467829/8470/25470037
Email Address: dr[dot]srcish[dot]gmail[dot]com

Enable India
Employment, pre-employment services, supplemental education, counselling and support services, consultancy and training for other institutions
Contact Number: +91 80 42823636 /+91 98453 13919
Email Address:enableindia(at)yahoo[dot]co[dot]in; shanti(at)enable-india[dot]org

Mobility India
Working in rural areas and urban slums to support people with disabilities
Contact Number: +91 80 26492222/26597337/26491386
Email Address: e-mail(at)mobility-india[dot]org

To inspire and enable visually impaired people
Contact Number: +91 80 25727623/24/25/91 93419 26099/9741224889
Email Address: mjyothi(at)vsnl[dot]com; madhu[dot]singhal59(at)gmail[dot]com;

Sangama is a sexual minorities, sex workers and people living HIV human rights organization for
individuals oppressed due to their sexual preference.
neurological disabilities and cerebral palsy
Contact number: 080-23416940/23412940

Providing support to sexuality minorities
neurological disabilities and cerebral palsy
Contact number: 080 – 2223 0959
Email Address: swabhava_trust[dot]hotmail[dot]com

A forum for women’s rights with activities including a women’s courtyard, a feminist bookplace),a
department for peace, marital violence and vocational training
neurological disabilities and cerebral palsy
Contact number: 91-80-2549 2781/2549 2783
Email Address:awhrci(at)vsnl[dot]com